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The Social Media Workout…

Social media marketing is becoming more popular in many industries, and the fitness industry is no exception.  Using social media can seem deceptively easy, but to make it an effective tool, brand marketers need to invest time in finding the best platform(s) for their audience and developing a stand-out message – one that cuts through the clutter. 

Need to boost awareness, educate prospective customers, establish credibility, and/or attract new customers? You can use social media marketing to achieve all these objectives. 


Why Use Social Media Marketing For Your Fitness Brand

More and more of the people the fitness industry wants to reach are online, so utilizing social media marketing makes sense.  Here are some of the benefits of adding social media to your fitness brand marketing.


Reach a large audience

In 2022 over 308 million people in the U.S. used social media. That’s 80%-90% of the population – an audience too significant to ignore.



Social media platforms like Facebook let advertisers buy just the segment of their audience that fits. Marketers can control the timing of individual posts so you can have them show up when your audience is most likely to see them.


Show Rather Than Tell

Video is becoming the medium or choice for many consumers. Social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and even Instagram and Facebook are featuring videos. This can be ideal for a fitness brand that needs to demonstrate a product, showcase a facility, or spotlight a class. Video’s motion and sound help convey moods and emotions.


Build A Community

A fitness facility can become a huge part of members’ lives.  It can be a space where they connect with like-minded individuals. Over time these interactions build loyalty for the facility. A well-designed social media page can act like that kind of space for any type of fitness brand. 


How To Use Social Media Marketing For the Fitness Industry

After you define your objectives, determine the best platforms for your brand, and develop your messages, it’s time to develop tactics. Here are tips to consider when developing your social media marketing program:


  • Focus on using video (and take advantage of live video streaming)
  • Offer online classes that line up with the format, style, audience, etc. of your social media platforms
  • Use educational content to build brand credibility
  • Post motivational content to engage and inspire subscribers
  • Come up with an identifiable brand voice and stick with it
  • Use user-generated content to personalize your brand   
  • Build community by encouraging discourse among subscribers as well as engagement with your posts
  • Use customer testimonials to build credibility
  • Contests, competitions and giveaways can generate traffic and leads


Social Media Expertise That Builds Fitness Brands

The fitness industry is competitive. You need your fitness brand to stand out, and social media marketing that’s tailored for the fitness industry can help achieve that. But be aware: it takes skill and experience to use social media effectively. DPM has the expertise you need to make your fitness brand a social media success.  Contact us today to see how our social media expertise can help elevate your brand.

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Dunn Pellier Media is an established health, wellness, and lifestyle pr firm in Los Angeles. Our CEO Nicole Dunn is a former Senior Level Television Producer who started DPM around health and wellness after seeing a lack of positive health coverage in the media marketplace. She is a thought-leader in all things health and fitness and often writes for Forbes Magazine covering all things wellness.