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So You Want to Be More Social…

Social media can be a winning marketing strategy as long as you use the best platform(s) for your audience and have a stand-out message – one that cuts through the clutter. With social media marketing, you can reach a large audience with a reasonable budget. 

For health and wellness businesses, social media can boost awareness, educate the audience, build credibility, and gain new customers. You can also use social media to attract partners and generate coverage on traditional media channels.

Health And Wellness Social Media Ideas 

Here are ideas for how you can use social media to promote your health and wellness company.

Standing out to an audience

Let’s say you have a specialized audience, like the LGBTQ+ community. You can get noticed by ensuring your posts incorporate important issues. For example, making sure to define the pronouns of anyone mentioned in each post. Get to know your audience’s concerns so you can publish compassionate, personalized content.

Educating customers

Many new products are unfamiliar to potential buyers. You may need to educate the audience on your platform of choice. You could post multiple times each day (on a platform like Twitter) about your product – how to use it, why it’s a great solution, its benefits, how easy it is to use, and so on.  One great tip is to be topical and look at the media cycle to see what’s trending and popular now.

Infographics are a good way to engage and educate your audience since people process visual information faster than words. If you want to include an infographic, be sure to size and optimize it for each social media channel.


Building credibility

Share your knowledge and answer common questions with a downloadable guide, video series, or ebook. By promoting your publication on social media, you’ll build up your company’s perceived expertise.


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Case Study: Our Social Media Strategy For HempFusion™

Here’s a description of how we put social media ideas to work for one of our health and wellness clients.

HempFusion™ is a leading hemp/CBD brand in the US. Our challenge is to:

  • Educate the public about HempFusion™ 
  • Create partnerships with prominent health and wellness media outlets
  • Generate traditional and social media coverage

Our strategy included:

Conducting an insightful study of the CBD industry. 

After completing the study, we published the results. The report of the results garnered 63 pieces of media coverage with a total of 5.18 billion online readership and 6.2 million views from national outlets such as New York Post, Yahoo! News, and more.  


Creating event activation experiences with influential wellness media outlets

The first activation event was a live event with Organic Authority, a media outlet with approximately 458,000+ online readers. The event produced approximately 100,000 impressions on social media.

The second activation event was focused on creating a relationship with one of the largest, most engaged media outlets, Refinery29. The event was open to all Refinery29 employees at their Los Angeles office. It created credibility for HempFusion™ and initiated a crucial partnership.


Generating traditional media combined with social media coverage.

HempFusion™ launched the first-ever CBD vending machine in an airport. We crafted messaging about this news and shared it with our online media and social media contacts across the country. This news alone garnered 14,467,070 impressions.


A Marketing Partner With Social Media Expertise

Social media strategies can contribute massively to a company’s success; however, using social media effectively takes skill. DPM knows how to design and implement social media marketing strategies, and we thoroughly understand the health and wellness industry.  Contact us today to see how our social media expertise can help elevate your brand. 

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Dunn Pellier Media is an established health, wellness, and lifestyle pr firm in Los Angeles. Our CEO Nicole Dunn is a former Senior Level Television Producer who started DPM around health and wellness after seeing a lack of positive health coverage in the media marketplace. She is a thought-leader in all things health and fitness and often writes for Forbes Magazine covering all things wellness.