health influencer shows a product as part of product seeding marketing
Our Services

We believe in the power of experiences that bring people face-to-face with brands, leaving indelible impressions that can last a lifetime.

As experiential marketing is constantly evolving, we lead trends and specialize in driving synergies between physical and digital experiences for our clients.

Partnering with influencers is one of the most valuable and cost-effective ways to position your brand or product in front of the perfect audience of potential customers to gain visibility and credibility. For this expertise, we will target key influencers that include relevant editors, influencers, and popular personalities who are open to carving out a relationship with your brand to get your product/service in their hands. Product seeding has become one of our core social media offerings due to it’s high success rate.

Let’s Work Together

Benefits of product seeding/gifting campaigns:


  • Find brand-influencer alignment and identify authentic influencers to match with your brand values
  • Gain national exposure and product placement
  • Solidify brand identity
  • Create loyalty
  • Acquire new customers

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