lifestyle product somavedic is shown next to a lake to represent the lifestyle pr services that were provided during this campaign

So Your Lifestyle Brand Needs PR Support…

Whether you’re launching a new lifestyle product, book or podcast or promoting an existing one, choosing the right lifestyle PR agency can make or break your campaign. At Dunn Pellier Media we know what it takes to elevate lifestyle brands through our 20+ years of experience and network of satisfied lifestyle clients. Take a look at some of our top tips for finding the perfect lifestyle PR agency below.

Market Knowledge

Does the agency have prior knowledge of the market you are entering or already present in? Do they have comparable past/current clients? For many lifestyle brands, choosing a large agency doesn’t always guarantee a personalized strategy or results. Often, medium to small-sized agencies that are active in your niches have first-hand experience with the media, organizations, and customers you are looking to target.

Brand Awareness

Having a macro awareness of a market or industry is important, but understanding the brand you are representing, its values, history, and objectives are equally significant. When meeting with lifestyle PR agencies, make sure they are asking insightful questions and have a genuine passion for your product and the solutions it’s providing. If you walk away feeling as if you were ‘just’ another meeting, perhaps it’s not the right fit.


You think you have found the right agency, they have the experience and resources, but who will you be working with on the campaign? Do they have experience and passion for the project? Do they answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner? Are they a problem solver? These are the things to consider when meeting with lifestyle PR agencies for the first time. Make sure the person you will be in the trenches with checks the boxes you need.


Many lifestyle PR agencies can claim to have “extensive media networks” because they have added someone on LinkedIn who works at Fox or NBC. Dig a little deeper and find out what the network actually looks like. Do they regularly connect and book clients to relevant media outlets? Or better yet, did they work in the past for major media outlets themselves? These connections will have an impact on the success of your campaign.

Proven Results

Case studies, portfolios, testimonials, referrals. Request them, read them, and digest them to ensure that the lifestyle PR firm you are choosing is the right fit before you sign the contract. Any established agency should have a version of these on their website ready for you to browse. Read those most relevant to you and don’t be afraid to take notes. How exactly did they get those results? Would they suggest something similar for your product and why do they think it would/wouldn’t work? Something as simple as looking on Google or websites like to gain insights via reviews would also be beneficial.

Finding the Perfect Lifestyle PR Agency Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

If you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of your search for the perfect lifestyle PR agency, contact us today to see how our knowledge, experience, and network can help elevate your brand. Get instant access to national TV and media, influencers, and PR experts with a customized strategy for you and your organization.

Dunn Pellier Media is an established health, wellness, and lifestyle pr firm in Los Angeles. Our CEO Nicole Dunn is a former Senior Level Television Producer who started DPM around health and wellness after seeing a lack of positive health coverage in the media marketplace. She is a thought leader in all things health and fitness and often writes for Forbes Magazine covering all things wellness.