You need a healthy lifestyle brand PR service that knows how to reach consumers

We help lifestyle brands amplify their reach by clarifying the brand message and landing powerful media placements. Over the course of our past 20 years in wellness public relations, DPM has cultivated the skills, strategies, and industry insights necessary to put your brand in the spotlight.

In the crowded wellness space, lifestyle brand PR must have an emphasis on what’s unique about your goods and services. DPM knows just how to highlight what makes you stand out, while also speaking to the challenges and desired outcomes your customers are grappling with.


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DPM is a wellness lifestyle brand PR service that deeply understands your consumers

As a lifestyle company in the wellness industry, your consumers are unique. They value quality, aesthetic, and function, and prioritize their well-being. You need a lifestyle public relations firm that knows your audience from the inside out, and knows how and where to reach them. That’s where we come in. DPM’s team of wellness PR experts crafts a visually appealing, purpose-centered campaign while also remaining focused on strategic targeting.

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