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Tropical Oasis liquid vitamins produce high quality, fast-absorbing nutrients that support an individual’s whole wellbeing. The liquid vitamin brand, Amazon’s top-selling liquid vitamins, is on a mission to help others be their best in a billion dollar vitamin industry.


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Our Challenge

Generate Awareness Around Immune-Boosting Vitamins

The Tropical Oasis team commissioned DPM during the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Looking to aid and support the general public with crucial immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, Tropical Oasis approached our team to generate awareness around their products and its immune-supporting benefits. With consumers more focused on self-care and immune boosting techniques the timing couldn’t have been better for this campaign.

  • Drive consumer awareness of the brand and the difference between liquid vitamins compared to other forms of vitamins.
  • Further educate consumers and media on the importance of supplemental vitamins and minerals.
  • Secure media coverage with product mentions and reviews.
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PR Strategy

Introducing the Tropical Oasis Brand to the Media

Tying Tropical Oasis to Current Media Cycle

As our nation slowly established a better understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting our immune systems became increasingly vital. We were able to utilize social distancing and the stay-at-home protocols as inspiration for creating timely news. Consumers began to look for ways to protect themselves and their families, particularly with immune-supporting supplements and minerals. Half-way through the campaign, the Tropical Oasis team informed us that their sales more than quadrupled and they were in the process of buying another factory to produce even more liquid vitamins to fill the consumer demand.

Our team began by introducing the Tropical Oasis brand to the media, further educating contacts on the high absorption-rate and immediate benefits of liquid vitamins. Utilizing the incredible powers of Tropical Oasis vitamins, DPM secured over 40 pieces of coverage. Tropical Oasis’s vitamins were featured in outlets like Us Weekly, Forbes, MSN, Yahoo News, and more, reaching over 1 billion UVM. In addition to our earned media, the team secured several paid product lifestyle roundup TV segments on local news stations across the country which brought in record sales for the brand; CBS Austin, PHL17 Philly, Good Day PA, WJLA, and more, totaling over 2 million Broadcast views. This was all part of a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition PR campaign.



A Word From Our Client

“We’ve seen our sales quadruple, and it’s really a testament to your efforts. Thank you for your hard work.”

Parrish Whitaker, Owner of Tropical Oasis

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