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About Tony Horton – Power Life

Tony Horton has dedicated his life to helping others reach their full potential – in fitness and in life through his popular background as the creator of the beloved P90X. Tony has since created his own line of supplementation products to naturally boost energy levels, support lean muscle development and streamline digestion — otherwise known as Power Life. Power Life is a supplement line full of products such as protein powders, probiotics, supplements, etc. carefully designed to provide individuals with the right fuel and support to achieve active aging.


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Our Challenge

Shift Focus to Tony’s Current Career Endeavors

With Tony already having such a strong reputation in fitness with his career journey specifically relating to P90X, DPM had to pivot to shift the focus from his previous career achievements to his current career endeavors — his creation of Power Life. With an extremely saturated market of supplements and performance formulas, DPM needed to position and establish Power Life products as unique, safe, and high-quality solutions that provide excellent results and solutions for active aging through effective PR.

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PR Strategy

Significantly Increase Brand Recognition Amongst Media and Consumers

Gain Brand Exposure And Generate Traditional Media Coverage

DPM took advantage of the media’s evergreen interest in fitness, lifestyle products, supplementation, upcoming holiday gift-giving season and recurring national days such as, the New Year, “Father’s Day” and “National Physical Fitness Month” to create timely, ongoing pitch angles to generate coverage. Our efforts resulted in showcasing insights from Tony as well as Power Life features throughout the campaign, significantly increasing brand recognition amongst media and consumers alike.

Reposition Tony As The Creator Of Power Life

DPM repositioned Tony as the creator of Power Life by pitching the media strategically by saturating story ideas to align with Power Life products – ranging from product-based pitches to story ideas that relate to proper supplementation. In doing so, DPM secured countless placements ranging from online to broadcast to podcast opportunities that positioned and focused on Tony’s current career endeavors while also organically plugging in the benefits of PL lifestyle products.


Our Results

Our team secured consistent, ongoing earned media opportunities in major national and local outlets including DailyMail TV, KTLA, CBS Los Angeles, WPIX New York, Men’s Journal, The Beet, CNN, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, The Doctors and Eliances Heroes Podcast.

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