Since 1999, Sunlighten has innovated cutting-edge wellness sauna products and services that deliver therapeutic benefits, functionality, excellent craftsmanship, durability, and beauty that empower customers to improve their overall quality of life. Sunlighten’s passion to bring the best infrared therapy to the world has made them a beloved favorite of high-profile wellness experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. Jack Wolfson, Bobbi Brown, and countless others.


Billion Online Readership Audience

Their Challenge

Sunlighten wanted to increase overall awareness of its brand and generate mass media visibility for the launch of its new smart sauna, and the sauna’s accompanying app, while promoting the overall health benefits of sauna therapy. Sunlighten hoped to bring awareness of both the physical and mental health benefits of infrared saunas, its wide range of sauna products and features, dispel common myths and misconceptions about saunas, and highlight the unique features that make Sunlighten a market leader in sauna products.

Our Challenge

Saunas have been around for thousands of years, however, infrared technology saunas are a new and emerging product and experience.  DPM was challenged with educating the media and general public on the scientific foundations of infrared technology and its many health benefits.  It was also a challenge to explain the specific nuances and unique construction elements that set Sunlighten apart from other infrared saunas (including sound and chromotherapy).  Additionally, the saunas themselves were on the more expensive side, making it challenging to be included in certain product roundups or gift guides.


Increase brand awareness & Gain the attention of mass consumers within the health and wellness space

  • Draft any press release and media FAQs with targeted approach around announcements in order to continue to build new awareness and credibility for the Sunlighten brand.
  • Introduce Sunlighten to our media contacts in health, wellness, fitness, and entrepreneur space with a focus on B2B health and wellness outlets/trades.
  • Compile a comprehensive media list of targets for outreach, including fitness, health, wellness, entrepreneur and lifestyle contacts
  • Develop quotes from the executive team for approval
  • Staff any interviews, and compile a comprehensive coverage report at the end of the campaign
  • Pitch and educate media around the Sunlighten brand and legacy while planting seeds to secure future earned media placements and feature roundup stories.
  • Utilize new app, partnerships, investor news, content strategy, health and wellness angles to support brand growth in the tech, fitness, wellness, and entrepreneur categories.  
  • Gain the attention of the B2B marketplace in fitness, health, wellness, entrepreneur and lifestyle space. Continue the educational conversation around the health benefits that come from the purchase of a Sunlighten infrared sauna.
PR Strategy

Cultivate media coverage opportunities in top-tier health, wellness and lifestyle media outlets.

  • Strategic input on overall brand direction; feedback and recommendations for future announcements 
  • Branding, positioning, and key message development including talking points 
  • Management of customized media lists, monitoring of editorial opportunities, coordination of press interviews, development of timely media pitches, etc.
  • Coordinate a targeted distribution for the brand through an announcement release via the premier newswire distribution service if necessary – PRNewswire/Yahoo! Finance or PR Newswire to reach a mass-market audience of health, wellness, fitness, lifestyle focused media outlets.
  • Develop story angles around the app, its offerings and partnerships and how the app enhances the Sunlighten sauna experience. Utilize Sunlighten CEO Connie Zack for any female lead founder and leadership stories.
  • Draft FAQ’s, draft bylines, press releases, quotes for industry specialty stories and regular media cycle content to raise visibility and company narrative.
  • Create an updated bio for Connie Zack and any executives for our stories for media pitching.
  • Develop press materials that reflect topic matter around the app and any partnerships. Create and develop pitch and story ideas to pitch media in the B2B/B2C media marketplace.
  • Creation of any new press materials to provide media with compelling, in-depth information and details around your important company news//business developments.
  • Introduce Sunlighten’s latest smart sauna unit to relevant lifestyle, wellness and health contacts at top tier media outlets
  • Partner with high-profile influencers/experts/celebrities, etc. to promote the sauna launch to their followers
  • Align social media activity to further promote product launch and drive word-of-mouth consumer buzz

Our Results

DPM coordinated a very successful virtual press preview to launch Sunlighten’s new mPulse Smart Sauna.  The event featured special guest speaker Dr. Mindy Pelz, and an audience Q&A for the over 35 media attendees with Dr. Mindy and Sunlighten’s Director of Brand Content.  DPM was also able to secure product coverage in leading media outlets including The Zoe Report, Forbes, Athletech News, and MSN.

Media Coverage