Somavedic is a device that mitigates the unwanted influences of EMF radiation. The products are designed on the principle of a controlled release of energy using precious and semi-precious stones handcrafted in the Czech Republic (renowned for its historic, high-quality glass making). Somavedic enlisted DPM to help elevate its positioning and reputation within the biohacking and wellness community, and amongst a target audience of wellness-minded consumers in the U.S.  The company was ready to take its direct-to-consumer product offering to the next level and become a recognized and trusted health and wellness brand for American consumers.


Million Online readership


Thousands Broadcast viewership

Their Challenge

Build brand awareness within the U.S. market around Somavedic as the go-to frequency therapy brand that mitigates the unwanted affects of EMFs. Educate the media and consumers on EMFs – the causes and symptoms of electromagnetic field radiation, and how and why Somavedic’s proprietary technology works.

Our Challenge

Somavedic had very little brand recognition within the U.S. outside of its work with select biohacking ambassadors. DPM was challenged with familiarizing U.S. consumers and the media alike with the brand, educating consumers on EMFs and the need for EMF-mitigating devices, and promoting Somavedic’s products as a leader in supporting and harmonizing spaces around the increased issue of indoor “digital pollution” in homes and work spaces.



Introduce to the US Media and Create Brand Recognition Awareness

DPM set out to: 

  • Introduce the brand to key consumer U.S. media and establish brand recognition and credibility within the biohacking world and in the general consumer health space. 
  • Develop mass consumer brand awareness and promote health and wellness benefits.
  • Foresee potential threats connected to sensitive topics with crisis PR management strategy to protect Somavedic brand reputation. 
PR Strategy

Cultivate media coverage opportunities in top-tier health, wellness and lifestyle media outlets.

Through a consistent and targeted media campaign, DPM was able to identify storytelling angles to create and cultivate media coverage opportunities in top-tier health, wellness and lifestyle media outlets.

We utilized key product offerings to create a solid brand reputation for Somavedic, and identified key scientific studies to support brand credibility. 



Our Results

Despite theses challenges, DPM was able to successfully leverage Somavedic’s innovative product offering and brand reputation to consistently deliver press coverage in leading U.S. media outlets like Forbes Magazine, Daily Mail TV, CBS 2 TV Austin, Clean Eating Magazine, Luxury Card Magazine, and The Resetter Podcast with Dr. Mindy Pelz  – significantly increasing the brand’s recognition, credibility, and sales. 



A Word From Our Client

"Thanks to DPM we landed a lot of media opportunities that helped us moved the dial for our brand and business."

Aleksandra Skalska, Chief Officer Marketing of Somavedic

Media Coverage