About SCAN HEALTH PLAN – Dr. Sachin Jain

SCAN Health Plan is one of the country’s leading Medicare Advantage Health plans, serving older adults in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.  SCAN is committed to improving care for older adults by offering tailored plans to its members that are uniquely designed to address specific health concerns based on ethnic background, gender, sexuality, and pre-existing conditions.  


Dr. Sachin Jain is the CEO of SCAN Group & SCAN Health Plan.  He is a proven leader in the healthcare space and is credited with pioneering many of SCAN’s most progressive and unique programs and offerings.  He is the face of SCAN Health Plan. 


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Their Challenge

Although progressive and well-respected within the healthcare industry, SCAN Health Plan is a relatively young medicare advantage plan compared to some of its larger competitors.  SCAN enlisted DPM to increase the visibility and awareness of the brand both Nationally and locally, with a primary focus on broadcast placement.  SCAN also requested DPM’s assistance in shaping Dr. Sachin Jain into an in-demand National on-camera expert for the healthcare and medicare advantage industries.  

Our Challenge

Being a newer and smaller company, DPM was challenged with having to educate both the TV producers in charge of bookings and the public about SCAN’s brand.  Medicare Advantage is also an incredibly nuanced and confusing industry so DPM had the added challenge of ensuring the information SCAN wanted to deliver was communicated in a digestible, easy-to-understand way.  In addition – Dr. Sachin Jain, while highly respected in his industry, was an unknown name to most broadcast producers.  The challenge was to present him as a credible, trusted source despite having very little prior broadcast experience and coverage. 


Increase brand awareness through strategic broadcast coverage tailored to specific markets, effectively amplifying SCAN Health & Dr.Jain visibility and resonance among target audiences

DPM set out to: 

  • Secure market-specific broadcast coverage that raised awareness of SCAN’s brand and the specialized care it provides residents in that market 
  • Raise awareness of SCAN’s multiple initiatives and tailored care
  • Promote SCAN as a trusted leader and go-to source for healthcare and Medicare Advantage news and coverage
  • Introduce Dr. Jain as a credible on-camera expert to a range of influential National and local TV producers that shape the coverage of healthcare 
PR Strategy

Cultivate broadcast media coverage opportunities in top-tier healthcare TV outlets.

DPM decided to implement several strategies to secure broadcast coverage. On a local level, DPM crafted pitches that were tailored to each market and highlighted the plans that most impacted people locally.  On a national level, DPM crafted pitches rooted in timely healthcare news and topics and wove SCAN’s news and offerings into it.  

In addition, to help better present  Dr. Sachin Jain as a reputable on-camera expert, DPM organized and executed a media tour in NYC for Dr. Jain. The goal was to secure valuable face time with leading TV bookers that shape the coverage of healthcare on TV.  


Our Results

Despite DPM’s early challenges of educating the media about the lesser-known brand, the agency was able to secure several impactful and high-level local broadcast segments that helped raise awareness and visibility of the health plan.  Segments were secured with highly viewed stations in the nation’s top 11 markets:  Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Phoenix.  DPM also produced a very successful and valuable media tour for Dr. Jain.  The agency facilitated in-person meetings between Dr. Jain and several influential TV producers and print reporters in the healthcare sector, providing Dr. Jain with a platform to prove his expertise and worth.  

Media Coverage