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About HempFusion

HempFusion™ is the #3 selling hemp/CBD brand nation-wide and is in over 3,900 retailers across 47 states. HempFusion™ CBD products are the only products that are 100% organic that deliver total endocannabinoid system support with full-spectrum CBD + Terpenes + Omegas. HempFusion’s™ organic Whole Food Hemp Complex™ powers all of the products in order to maximize the CBD entourage effect, infused with other botanical ingredients for specific functional results like Sleep (+GABA), Stress (+Ashwagandha), and Energy (+Ginseng+Guayusa+Ginger).

Our Challenge

With essentially no press or media relationships whatsoever, HempFusion™ came to Dunn Pellier Media with three key goals in mind:

  • Educate the public about HempFusion™ as a leader in CBD and hemp education
  • Create quality partnerships with prominent health and wellness media outlets
  • Generate traditional and social media coverage about HempFusion™ and CBD education
PR Strategy

High Level Expert Talks and Events

Conduct insightful market research about the CBD industry

-Through a partnership with SWNS and OnePoll, HempFusion™ conducted a study with 2,000 Americans that found new data about the public’s perception on CBD. The study indicated that the CBD products themselves created more open-mindedness about marijuana; more specifically, 46 percent of those participating in the study strongly agreed that it was due to the rise of CBD products. This study and the national media coverage it gained positioned HempFusion™ as a prominent CBD educator since this study introduced new insights about the CBD industry.

This study garnered 63 pieces of media coverage with a total of 5.18 billion online readership and 6.2 million views from national outlets such as New York Post, Yahoo! News, AOL, and more.  

Create experiential educational events with influential health and wellness media outlets and top-notch attendees

Create experiential educational events with influential health and wellness media outlets and top-notch attendees

In efforts of generating social media coverage as well as creating a quality relationship with one of the most influential wellness media outlets, we created a one-of-a-kind event experience, CBD + Chill: High Level Experts Talk CBD & Real Wellness. Organic Authority, a prominent health and wellness media outlet with approximately 458,000 online readers, partnered with HempFusion™ to co-produce an activation at one of LA’s hottest workout spots, Knockout LA.

The three-part experience involved mindful meditation, a thought-provoking panel with experts, and an organic catered lunch. Jason Mitchell, the President of HempFusion™ acted as the chief representative for the CBD industry. Alongside himself was a celebrity nutritionist and a cannabis-specializing attorney. Laura Klein, the Founder and Publisher of Organic Authority, moderated the discussion and asked a myriad of questions catered to each expert such as “what’s the difference between CBD and THC” “what are the nutritional benefits of hemp” and “can you travel with CBD.” In attendance were Los Angeles-based health and wellness influential media hosts including POPSUGAR Dance Host Deja Riley and Gia Fey of The Univision Television Network. Writers from Buzzfeed, LA Yoga Magazine, and Women’s Health Magazine were in attendance.

This event produced approximately 100,000 impressions on social media.

Targeted Focused Educational Event with Refinery29

In addition, HempFusion™ produced another educational event, but with a targeted focus on creating a relationship with one of the largest, most engaged media outlets, Refinery29. In complement to the Organic Authority event, this event had quality partnerships and education at the forefront of it. The event was open to all Refinery29 employees at the Los Angeles office and included a fireside chat with Jason that broke-down different topics such as the relationship between CBD & Stress and how and when to use CBD. HempFusion’s™ TWIST was utilized in a CBD mocktail that employees enjoyed while listening to Jason answer their personal questions about CBD. Plus, the HempFusion™ CBD topicals were lathered on during a touch-therapy yoga sessions by YoMassage for the ultimate spa experience. Overall, the event offered employees a way to holistically understand HempFusion™ in all of its offerings as well as connect with an expert in the field.

This event created credibility for HempFusion™ and initiated a partnership with one of the top-tier media outlets in an authentic, organic manner.

Generate traditional media coverage through first of its kind CBD news

-HempFusion™ launched the first-ever CBD vending machine in an airport during our campaign. We crafted the key messaging about this first-of-its-kind news to translate to the media in ways that we know resonate best with them.

We shared the news with our personal influential contacts all across the country. We strategically worked with key media both pre-launch and post-launch to garner national media attention from Yahoo! News and CBS as well as local coverage including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WXIA-TV.

This news alone garnered 14,467,070 impressions.


Our Results

Total coverage results for the 6 month campaign garnered over 172 million media impressions. Since the campaign kicked off in May 2019, we garnered over 20,224,717,206 billion media impressions as part of a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition PR campaign.

Media Coverage