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About Dr. Steven Quay

Dr. Steven Quay is in the top 1% of scientists worldwide with over 300+ contributions to medicine and has been cited over 9,900 times. He holds 87 US patents and has invented seven FDA-approved pharmaceuticals which have helped over 80 million people. Dr. Quay is the author of the first physician-scientist written book on surviving the pandemic, Stay Safe: A Physician’s Guide to Survive Coronavirus. This book is rated #1 on five Amazon bestseller lists.

Dr. Steven Quay serves as CEO of Atossa Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ATOS). This is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for treating breast cancer and COVID-19.


Pieces of Coverage


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Our Challenge

Pre-pandemic, Dr. Quay’s research primarily focused on breast cancer prevention. However, once the pandemic hit, DPM strategically advised shifting our outreach focus to concentrate on COVID-19-related media opportunities. Dunn Pellier Media’s tasks included:

  • Positioning Dr. Quay as a nationally-recognized, trusted, and scientifically-informed COVID-19 expert
  • Securing coverage of his pioneering COVID-19 clinical trial and development of his COVID-19 prevention nasal spray
  • Garnering media and consumer awareness for Dr. Quay’s book, Stay Safe: A Physician’s Guide to Survive Coronavirus
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PR Strategy

Leverage Dr. Quay’s Early Attention to the Pandemic

His study of the COVID-19 pattern of contagion and his research insights was ground breaking. Coupled with his prevention tips and COVID-related clinical trials, Dr. Quay became a subject matter expert. This established him as a credible industry expert at the very start of the pandemic.

DPM kept Dr. Quay at the forefront of the national and local media.

DPM created regular and timely press releases. To publicize his research updates the releases were distributed through the PR Newswire service. Many of these included videos to add a visual element and simplify the data for a mass audience

DPM highlighted key tips from Dr. Quay’s book

DPM highlighted key tips from Dr. Quay’s book, Stay Safe A Physician’s Guide to Survive Coronavirus, to secure numerous TV segments with local news outlets across the country including FOX 26 HoustonWJLA Washington D.C.KIRO TV Seattle, etc.


Our Results

  • Media stand-outs include National FOX NewsDaily Mail, and local Seattle TV
  • National press releases received attention from Business InsiderYahooNASDAQ, more