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About Dr. Louis Ignarro

Louis Ignarro is a medical research scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his breakthrough discoveries of nitric oxide (NO). His discovery of this unique signaling molecule and all of its biological actions ranging from lowering your blood pressure to stimulating penile erection and sexual arousal is widely known as the information that led to the development of Viagra. He is an award-winning Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D in Pharmacology.


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Our Challenge

Create as Much Diverse Traction Across Online and Broadcast Media Outlets

Dr. Ignarro came to Dunn Pellier Media from the recommendation of a world renowned book coach named Robin Colucci. Robin advised Dr. Ignarro that he would have a better chance of getting a book deal if they could prove his “relevance” to the mainstream, and so she suggested working with a PR firm to achieve this. Our overall challenge was to create as much diverse traction across online media, TV placements, and podcasts as possible to portray to the book agent that even though Dr. Ignarro’s award-winning Nobel Prize was over 40 years ago, the discovery he made is still just as relevant today.

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PR Strategy

Increase the Awareness Dr. Ignarro’s Unique Knowledge of Nitric Oxide

Showcasing Dr. Ignarro’s Unique Knowledge During COVID-19 Crisis

Nitric oxide is being utilized in hospitals and universities all over the world to help treat sick COVID-19 patients. Because of this, we got inspired to work alongside Dr. Ignarro to create pitches about how people at home can best create nitric oxide naturally within the body. Media placements from this angle include Forbes, The List, MSN, Houston Chronicle, The Daily Beast, and many more.

Partnerships with Universities Conducting Clinical Trials

Our team wanted to increase the awareness of the COVID-19 nitric oxide clinical trials. So, we partnered with the Louisiana State University Hospital to create a press release and a TV segment highlighting Dr. Louis Ignarro’s discovery and the local clinical trial. Results included online placements in Shreveport Times alongside TV segments on WTVY and KNOE TV.

Long-Form Podcasts to Familiarize Public with Nitric Oxide

Currently nitric oxide is not a gas that many people are familiar with, but we wanted to change that. Since podcasts allow listeners to engage in a longer-form, more complex discussion, our team targeted the top health and medicine podcasts to have Dr. Ignarro explain in detail about the widely unknown and powerful effects of nitric oxide. Dr. Ignarro was a guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman, 30 Minute Mentors with Adam Mendler, Align Podcast with Aaron Alexander, and more as part of a comprehensive medical PR strategy.


Our Results

Total Coverage Results

86 pieces of coverage across all platforms of online, print, podcasts, TV, and social media


A Word From Our Client

"No matter how important or good I thought I was, I wasn't getting anywhere until DPM took my notable accomplishments and made them much more visible to the community, both locally and domestically." “DPM did a fabulous job in alerting the news media of my accomplishments and their critical importance to humankind.”

Dr. Lou Ignarro

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