About Dr. Gonzalez

Dr. Christian Gonzalez is a Naturopathic Doctor with a specialty in Integrative Oncology. Gonzalez completed a two-year residency position at the competitive Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s also the podcast host of Heal Thy Self, a popular podcast about holistic healing that has nearly 1 million downloads per episode.

Even though Dr. Chrstian Gonzalez had a group of devoted podcast listeners, he did not have any online media placements or TV appearances before working with Dunn Pellier Media.


Billion Impressions


Million Online Readership


Million Print Readership


Million Broadcast Viewership


Million Downloads Per Episode

Our Challenge

Dr. Chrstian Gonzalez came to Dunn Pellier Media with two goals in mind:

  • Create as much press as possible in efforts of increasing his stature as a public figure
  • Garner at least one TV segment
PR Strategy

Holistic Health Marketing: Timely Topics for Strategic Media Pitches

Utilizing Dr. Christian Gonzalez as an expert

Dr. Christian Gonzalez is a diligent researcher that takes time to break down studies to his podcast audience, de-mystify complicated concepts and shed light on the scientific evidence behind what health trends are rooted in science and which are not.

Dr. Gonzalez has a wide range of information that he informs his podcast audience about. We strategically choose relevant pieces of that information to present to the media for pitches around timely topics such as; greenwashing, strengthening the immune system during COVID-19, and trending vitamins and minerals during COVID-19. Online outlets that included Dr. Christian Gonzalez’s expertise include The Epoch Times, LA Times, Shape and more.


Our team identified “quarantine clean” as a trending term right when it was about to peak, making this perfect pitch material. We went on to create an entire TV pitch around how to give your house the “quarantine clean” naturally with the help of Dr. Gonzalez’s knowledge of DIY cleaning products and naturally-based at-home cleaning solutions. This resulted in a lengthy four-minute segment during a prime morning time on KTLA, the #1 news station in the second highest news marketplace in Los Angeles.

Additionally, our team identified basil as a trending topic on social media, with stars such as Oprah and Gwenyth Paltrow posting recipes with basil present. We knew that we had our hands on a potential national TV segment, with Dr. Christian Gonzalez’s knowledge of herbs and ability to break down scientific studies in layman’s terms. This summer basil-centered pitch highlighted not only the celebrities but the health benefits that we can all benefit from basil, especially during COVID-19. This resulted in a national segment on one of the hottest nationally syndicated entertainment TV shows, Extra.


Our Results

52 pieces of coverage across all platforms of online, print, podcasts, TV, and social media.


A Word From Our Client

Working with DPM was a pleasure. The team was supportive of my vision since day one. They were assertive in creating publication opportunities for me while being open to what I wanted more and less of. My podcast grew from about 10-12k per show to 21k per show since working with the company. They were outstanding. My book is coming soon and I will call them first.

Dr. Chrstian Gonzalez

Media Coverage