About Dr. Daniel Pompa

Cellular Health Expert Dr. Daniel Pompa is a well-known industry leader in the field of functional health, specializing in getting to the root cause of mystery ailments and inflammation-driven diseases. He is founder of The Pompa Program and author of The Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting.  Dr. Pompa teaches his renowned cellular detoxification strategies to clients and health professionals all over the world, sharing holistic strategies to help get to the root cause of chronic illnesses and improve overall health and longevity.  


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Their Challenge

Dr. Pompa’s Challenge

Although Dr. Pompa is a renowned health expert amongst his peers within the wellness industry, he was relatively unknown to a mainstream audience. His team enlisted DPM to establish him as a leading functional health expert within the mainstream media and to a broader audience of mass consumers through a practitioner PR campaign.


Our Challenge

DPM was faced with the challenge of establishing credibility for Dr. Pompa as a trusted health expert, who although widely respected within his industry, lacked the M.D. certification often prioritized by health and medical media contacts. Additionally, both of his books had been originally published several years earlier, and  the campaigned as a while required more time to educate the media and consumers alike on Dr. Pompa’s niche of “cellular detox” and its many applications.



Increase brand awareness & Gain the attention of mass consumers within the health and wellness space

As part of a comprehensive holistic health marketing and PR campaign DPM set out to:

  • Educate the media about the connection between cellular health, inflammation, and chronic diseases
  • Utilize the science and studies behind The Pompa Program and Dr. Pompa’s books to promote Dr. Pompa’s cellular detox insights and protocols  for medical and health-related editorial opportunities
  • Create more organic, ongoing conversations in the media around biohacking your way to better health and getting to the root cause of mystery ailments
  • Gain the attention of mass consumers within the health and wellness space
PR Strategy

Cultivate media coverage opportunities in top-tier fitness, health and wellness media outlets

DPM tailored the PR campaign to compliment Dr. Pompa’s strengths. 


We utilized his expertise, his notoriety within the functional wellness space, his dynamic on-camera presence, his books The Cellular Healing Diet and Beyond Fasting, and his extensive knowledge of current health and wellness topics and trends to help establish him as a credible functional health expert for local and national media opportunities.


Our Results

DPM honed in on opportunities where Dr. Pompa could showcase his extensive knowledge and expertise with commentary in health-focused outlets like Healthnews.com, Medical News Today, and Parade.com. We also secured live recurring segments on ABC 4’s “Good Things Utah,” and on FOX 4 Kansas City – in additional to longer-form interviews on podcasts like Off The Gram, The Optimal Performance, and Tony Horton’s Mastermind.   


Media Coverage