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Bulldog Online is yoga for people who hate yoga. This online-based platform was created specifically for those who seek the physical benefits of yoga but are intimidated or off-put by traditional in-person studios. Bulldog offers musically-based upbeat, motivating yoga flows that are every bit enjoyable as they are effective. From quick 15-minute Yin to 45-minute challenging Vinyasa, Bulldog brings an array of judgment-free classes into the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room. And best yet, Bulldog Online’s membership is affordable at just $12.99 per month users can access any class they please. No Sanskrit, no chanting, no intimidation. Just you, your mat, and a killer workout.


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Our Challenge

Bulldog Online came to us with three fitness public relations goals in mind:

  • Expand their online reach beyond their local studio cities, increasing the overall number of people utilizing their fitness app
  • Create clear and consistent online messaging around what makes Bulldog Online different than other apps (more approachable, fitness-oriented, and made for “people who hate yoga)
  • Position themselves as an online household name in the online fitness space alongside other notable fitness apps like Peloton, Glo, and BeachBody
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PR Strategy

Multi Strategy Approach

Tying Bulldog Online to Current Events

With COVID-19 hitting the world right in the midst of our campaign, we were able to utilize social distancing and the stay-at-home protocols as inspiration for creating timely news. We strategically positioned Bulldog Online as an approachable, fun, easily accessible yoga app for people looking to work out at home. This resulted in countless national fitness round-ups including Health.com’s “9 Totally Free At-Home Workouts for When Coronavirus is Keeping You Inside” and Mashable’s “Free at-home workout services to keep yourself active while social distancing.”

Capitalizing on Celebrity Endorsements

Gwenyth Paltrow mentioned in an interview with Shape Magazine that Bulldog Online is one of her top three go-to exercises during quarantine. After this organic mention broke, our team created a media alert for online national celebrity news outlets as well as exclusive offers for outlets to speak with the Bulldog Online team for a story. Pick ups from this strategy included: E!, Daily Mail, ET Online, and more.

Positioning Bulldog as a Competitive Option Post-Pandemic

As COVID-19 began to improve in 2021, the fitness industry and consumers considered how online workouts would remain relevant in a post-pandemic world. Our team saw this challenge as an opportunity to position Bulldog as a competitive option for yoga and fitness lovers and total beginners beyond the virtual fitness frenzy. This strategy resulted in placements with Women’s Health Online, US News & World Report, Parade, and more.

Utilizing Expert Commentary

Bulldog Online is a go-to resource for yoga newbies – but beginners have a lot of pressing questions. The online media space attempts to answer these questions and provide resources for their readers. DPM understands the ongoing journalistic need for expert commentary for these types of articles, and worked closely with the Bulldog team to coordinate timely responses from Bulldog yoga/wellness experts. As a result, we secured a mention for the brand in outlets such as POPSUGAR, Men’s Health Online, SHEfinds, and more.


A Word From Our Client

“The DPR team really cares about producing results. They are professional and responsive...and are genuinely nice people."

Jon Cummins, Founder of Bulldog Yoga

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